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Hire terms

On delivery, our driver will bring two printed copies of these terms. You will be asked to sign a printed copy of this. We keep one copy and the other copy is kept by you.

Terms and conditions of hire
If the hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, a representative from Bounce'In Beds should immediately be consulted.

The hirer may be required to pay a cancellation charge of £25 in the event of the hirer cancelling a booking within 24 hours of delivery with the exception of a mutual agreement between the hirer and Bounce'In Beds and this would normally be in the case of adverse weather conditions.

The hirer will during the period of the hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the equipment, its care, safety from damage however slight of any sort and the behaviour of all persons of all ages where the equipment is being used, whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of children to ensure children under school age use the equipment, separately to older children or adults. A responsible adult should stand on either side of the front of the castle and supervise play at all times.

Maximum age of children allowed to use the children’s equipment is 14 years and they must not be taller than the inside wall, failure to observe these limits at any time during the hire period may lead to injury and will render the hirer liable for associated repair costs should the equipment be damaged.

The hirer shall not use the equipment, for any purpose other than that described in the hiring agreement and shall not sub-hire or use the equipment, or allow the equipment, to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.

The hirer will during the period of the hiring, be responsible for the safety of the equipment from damage and/or loss and should not allow anyone onto the equipment wearing shoes, spectacles, carrying sharp objects, key-rings, metal studded clothing or any other similar items which could cause damage to others or the equipment as you will be charged for any damage or loss of equipment. Food or drink is not to be taken onto or consumed on the equipment. Should the equipment be returned soiled in any way a cleaning charged may be levied.

The hirer should not allow children with medical conditions, which may put them at risk of injury (e.g. brittle bone disease or temporary injuries) to use the equipment.

Do not allow children to climb the walls of the equipment. Limit the number of children on the equipment. Limit the number of children on the equipment at any one time to a safe level. Avoid having older children on at the same time as younger ones.

It is dangerous to use water or allow children that are wet on the equipment, the canvas becomes very slippery and accidents easily occur. Check the anchorage points regularly to ensure they remain secure also check that the air inlet of the fan is unobstructed. Food or drink is not to be taken onto or consumed on the equipment. Should the equipment be returned soiled in any way a cleaning charged may be levied.

All units are checked on delivery and you will be asked to check and sign for the equipment being in good condition on receipt.

Public liability insurance is excluded in its entirety following any claim or injury to any third party or employee whether directly or indirectly related to the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Bounce'In Beds excludes any liability for injury loss or damage caused to any person using the equipment contrary to the terms and conditions of this contract.

An accident book is available and any injury to a participant should be notified to the operator, recorded therein and signed by the injured person or their representative.

Ensure no one be allowed to participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Smoking on/and or near the castles is prohibited at all times.

The hirer must ensure that the equipment is collected by an authorized Bounce'In Beds driver only. The driver who delivers will normally collect and if you are in doubt please contact 07854 017 472

Important notice. Provided that the equipment is used in accordance with the above guidelines and conditions of hire. Those using the inflatable should do so safely. However accidents can happen and Bounce'In Beds cannot accept any liability for injuries sustained or any other loss, howsoever caused, in the absence of or the negligence of Bounce'In Beds or its employees. As the equipment will be in the hirer's possession and control whilst in use rather than Bounce'In Beds, any liability for injuries or other losses caused other than in the circumstances described above rests with the hirer. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that the hirer has adequate public liability insurance covering his or her liability arising from the use of the inflatable.

I confirm that I have read, understand and accept the above terms and conditions and agree to hire the equipment specified overleaf from Bounce'In Beds subject to these terms and conditions.
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